[Scribus] line spacing only between paragraphs - how to?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed May 30 19:04:14 CEST 2007

Henry Hartley wrote:
> Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>> Isn't this actually the (only) way to go? (and it's fine like it
>>> is) I wonder just how would anyone let the app know just what
>>> *is* a first paragraph without tagging it in some way. Applying
>>> a stylesheet takes a few secs. I know no other apps that would
>>> apply a drop cap (or btw any other settings) *only to first*
>>> paragraph... And if there are, this feature must have some
>>> drawbacks: you have to decide at one point when does that
>>> behavior starts, when it ends... Unless the software
>>> *understands* what's on your mind. Complicated. No? :) 
> I'm not saying I cannot live without this feature.  Only that the
> ability to make drop caps apply only to the first paragraph would be
> nice.  The ability to have one paragraph style (rather than two) for all
> paragraphs in a document is more significant than a few seconds if you
> have a large document.

Perhaps not as much work as you think, though. First apply the non-Drop 
Caps style to everything, then apply the Drop-Caps style to whichever 
"first" paragraphs you like. Whenever you apply a style to text already 
in place it only applies to the paragraph you select -- ends with the 
next carriage return.


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