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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
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2007/5/21, m8130 at abc.se <m8130 at abc.se>:
> > All I say is one of these, preferably -a, sets the default (or better
> said
> > is a filler help) for -b if and only if the user doesn't file in
> anything
> > else in the language fields of -b. We do need a language in that field,
> > don't we? Only a matter of easiness and userfriendlines.
> A far better solution is IMO to have the default language set in the
> document properties. Ok, for a starter the setting can be the same as the
> GUI language, but that only directly after installation.

Hi Peter,

Maybe it is me not expressing myself properly but we are saying the exact
same thing.

And then it should also be possible to set another language per:
> -Section
> -Text frame
> -Paragraph
> -Text (to be able to mark individual words as being another language)

This is exactly what will happen, through the charstyle. Based on what I
discussed with avox at LGM, one could easily fill a text frame with as many
as wanted strings in just any language Scribus can support.

Most texts I write in swedish have a lot of english words in them, and
> quotes from other languages are no uncommon.

To that point one has to decide if the hyphenation rules apply in a
disctinctive manner for words in English appearing in a Swedish text. I
guess this is up to the writer to go that deep into tagging the words with
the appropriate language, specifying a charstyle for each language (and text
attributes) he/she uses... The reality of hyphenation might prove this to be
overwhelmingly complicated and time consuming but again, this is up to
everyone to use the feature as needed.

Just as an example, English is very different from French from the
hyphenation point of view (par-tic-u-lar-i-ty = par-ti-cu-la-ri-t?) but
other languages might just be so close (hyphenate at the sylllabus) that
there would be no real benefits to change that settings just in case the
word gets hyphenated.

Unless stated otherwise by the client, we use the following rule: a French
text will always be hyphenated in French (same applies to English, being
hyphenate in English). If an English word appears in a French text, it will
be hyphenated following the French hyphenation method. After all, it is a
French text meant to be read by French speakers. Plus, can you imagine the
time it would take to actually track down each foreign word when you are not
the author?

There should also be the language "None" or similar to use for example for
> names and other strings that are not words and should be excluded from
> spellchecking.

Right. URLs for instance, acronyms, etc.

Maybe even have support for a document specific dictionary, where names
> and words unique for the document can be stored, to get consistent
> spelling of them.


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