[Scribus] Spell checking

m8130 at abc.se m8130
Mon May 21 14:53:13 CEST 2007

> All I say is one of these, preferably -a, sets the default (or better said
> is a filler help) for -b if and only if the user doesn't file in anything
> else in the language fields of -b. We do need a language in that field,
> don't we? Only a matter of easiness and userfriendlines.

A far better solution is IMO to have the default language set in the
document properties. Ok, for a starter the setting can be the same as the
GUI language, but that only directly after installation.

And then it should also be possible to set another language per:
-Text frame
-Text (to be able to mark individual words as being another language)

Most texts I write in swedish have a lot of english words in them, and
quotes from other languages are no uncommon.

There should also be the language "None" or similar to use for example for
names and other strings that are not words and should be excluded from

Maybe even have support for a document specific dictionary, where names
and words unique for the document can be stored, to get consistent
spelling of them.


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