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HARENDAL .h harendalh
Sun May 20 16:44:01 CEST 2007

>From: "William F. Maddock" <billsey at earthlink.net>
> >>HARENDAL.h a ?crit :
> >> > Find below the link to the last ADF fonts pack release V1.03,
> >> > containing 60 fonts as starter pack.
> >> > Read ADF_info file for d?tails.
> >> > Link: http://perso.orange.fr/arkandis/ADF/ADFWeb.htm
> >Good publication to all

>I looked over the fonts, and I like them,

** Hi Mr William F.Maddock, me too :-)

>but I would like to ask a favor (if it is practical to do):
>in the font families that have Small Caps (Titling, I think you call it), 
>could you do the Small Caps
>in *ALL* weights, including the italic weights? That would be a great thing 
>to have for use in my
>devotional writings, so that I would no longer need to fake Small Caps when 
>writing, for example, "LORD" (having the "ORD" in Small Caps, is a 
>traditional rendering when translating His Hebrew name).
** I think you refer to the "colonnade" fonts. All of them are for titling, 
and in theory not
for text use. Generally, titling (black, headline, display, SC...) aren't 
declined in "bold" and
"bold italic", sometimes on italic. I employ the titling term so that there 
is no ambiguity,
however for the versions "small letters", I'll add the extention 'Heavy' to 
avoid a mistake.

But, I see what you wish. There is 3 alternatives:
1- If the font you use in your book "Glory Rising" for exemple, is times, 
and always the
same for all yours books, it's possible to create a titling font family 
(regular, bold, bolditalic, italic)
from my serif base fonts.
2- It's possible to create one too, from my unpublished collection or why 
a new one as you see yours fonts, (but not for copying a commercial one!)
3- You can use commercial OTF fonts like adobe including Small caps or, if 
you want ones for
free and, if accro reader is installed on your system, go to 'ressource', 
next 'font' in
the directory of this program. You will find: minion pro, myriad pro and 
courrier Std...

All thus depends on what you research :-)... Make your choice and tell me by 
private mail
the issue you'll to do.


harendalh at hotmail.com

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