[Scribus] [scribus][contribution] ADF Fonts pack V1.03

William F. Maddock billsey
Sat May 19 17:26:32 CEST 2007

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>>From: Olivier FAURAX <olivier.faurax at laposte.net>
>>HARENDAL.h a ?crit :
>> > Find below the link to the last ADF fonts pack release V1.03,
>> > containing 60 fonts as starter pack.
>> > Read ADF_info file for d?tails.
>> > Link: http://perso.orange.fr/arkandis/ADF/ADFWeb.htm
>>The font are very good ! Great work !
>**  I Hope. Realy, I hope. I prepare a new web site with special pages for 
>links for HQ fonts, ADF fonts makeof and where find tools. About ADF fonts 
>make of:
>- PS-Type1 are edited with Manuitus 2.0 (a professionnal editor)
>- OTF are generated with FDK 1.6 from adobe developer kit, the same tools 
>to produce there commercial fonts.
>- The TTF format need to be manipuled with many tools after conversion. The 
>for me is to obtain TTF format like... OTF! So the TTF format don't respect 
>the Truetype specification... I don't know if this experimental makeof is 
>good one. But TTF produced like that work very well in scribus or inkscape.
>> > PS: One more time... Sorry for my english.
>>Il n'est pas interdit d'?crire en fran?ais :
>** Yes I know that :-). But, not only french courtesy, oblige me write in 
>English. First, it's the
>better way to be anderstand by a greater part of people. Second, it's a very 
>good exercice for
>me ;-)
>Good publication to all

I looked over the fonts, and I like them, but I would like to ask a favor (if it is practical to do): in the font families that have Small Caps (Titling, I think you call it), could you do the Small Caps in *ALL* weights, including the italic weights? That would be a great thing to have for use in my devotional writings, so that I would no longer need to fake Small Caps when writing, for example, "LORD" (having the "ORD" in Small Caps, is a traditional rendering when translating His Hebrew name).

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