[Scribus] Scribus on Edgy

Roger hovergo
Sat May 19 10:15:52 CEST 2007

I installed Ubuntu Edgy generic from Canonical over the top of FC6 leaving the
/home partition and all the working software untouched.

Update on this email and Alex's reply.
I have 2 hard disks one still has FC6 with Scribus and the other Ubuntu
I have not as yet compiled my own kernel so inherent problems don't exist (for now)

I copied the Scribus folder and contents across from FC6 to /home/user/Scribus
on Edgy.

I renamed the Scribus directory to Scribus1 then used apt-get install Scribus
but had error messages.

I now seem to have 2 versions of Scribus and  in the
<Applications><Graphics> Drop down.

It is difficult  to compile in Canonical Edgy generic because there are so many
missing which apparently cannot be installed under the generic banner.

I Tried using the graphical update manager, maybe that's where the
version came from.
I will definitely let them know about the web page:--
explains the process using Adept with screen shots to make it easier for them.

Edgy-generic doesn't have Adept.

The main problem I had with Edgy was getting  libtiff.so.3.
I copied libtiff.so.4  file across from FC6 to Edgy, renamed it libtiff.so.3 and
the problem went away. Scribus works.

Thank you Alex, your email is most helpful.


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