[Scribus] Languages and fonts

jon info
Fri May 18 23:13:52 CEST 2007

Am 18.05.2007 um 21:57 schrieb Siipola Jari:

> My Scribus works usually by finnish but sometimes by english.
> Can I select language by myself?

> Where I can found more fonts (Verdana bold/italic)

Here's a fine page with a huge amount of links for free or shareware  

> and how I installed it?

On what kind of system do you work? As far as I remember OSX?
If so - and you do not use a font manager like FontExplorer or  
Suitcase there is an application called ?
sorry, I cannot find out what it is called in suomi, but it will open  
if you double click a TT or PS or OTF font.
You can install Mac or Win fonts. If you choose to install fonts this  
way they will be installed into

> thank you, jaris

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