[Scribus] Languages and fonts

Craig Ringer craig
Sat May 19 06:18:14 CEST 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Siipola Jari wrote:
>> My Scribus works usually by finnish but sometimes by english.
>> Can I select language by myself?
>> Where I can found more fonts (Verdana bold/italic) and how I installed it?
> The language part:
> from a console:
> scribus -la
> will give you a list of the languages available. It also gives a message
> to tell you that the command for selecting a language is
> scribus -l xx
> where xx is the language code from the list.
> eg, starting in finnish
> scribus -l fi

On Mac OS X, you have to execute the `scribus' binary from the within
the .app bundle if you want to do this.

However, since you can set the language in the preferences, that's a
better way to do it. Scribus should actually try to detect your system
language and switch to that automatically, but it sounds like it's
getting confused, so try setting the language in the preferences (File

Craig Ringer

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