[Scribus] pictures still loaded green?

Henry Hartley henryhartley
Mon May 14 22:06:28 CEST 2007

Siipola Jari wrote: 
>> I work with Scribus succesful before, but now (wihtout any changes
>> of adjustment) pictures (TIF) changes to LIGHT-GREEN when I bring
>> it inside to document. All old documents open and looks good. 
>> Same wiht prints: old is ok, new ones green.
>> "out of gamut" -setting is correct (I didn't make eny changes
>> about adjustment).
>> Sribus version is for Mac OX 10.3.9

Were the images that are causing problems created differently from those
that worked earlier?  If you open a new document in Scribus and then
place old pictures that worked in old documents, do they work?  If so,
it is probably the images themselves rather than Scribus.  I have tested
scribus ( for Window) with 8, 24, and 32 bit tiff files, with and
without LZW compression and all work fine (as do JPG and PNG files).

I do seem to remember having problems with CMYK images saved as TIFF
causing problems but it's been a long time so I don't remember the
details and I don't know if that's still an issue (or even if I'm
remembering the problem correctly).


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