[Scribus] Thoughts on footnotes

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sat May 12 21:35:55 CEST 2007

dwain schrieb:
> Thomas Zastrow wrote:
>> In fact, there is just one rule for footnote's positions: they have to appear on the same 
>> page as the text where they were introduced.
> this is not absolutely true.  there are documents and books written with
> the footnote numbers and then added at the end of the document or book. 
> this had been around for quite some time.  yes, there are still
> documents that place the references on the same page as you suggest, but
> this practice is becoming a rarity.  although they might not be called
> footnotes technically, the end result is still the same.  end notes or
> page notes as they are called, allows the reader to read the document
> unhampered by short pages and making the document contain fewer pages of
> text, thus reducing printing costs.  it also allows the reader to, at
> their discretion and in their own time, read the reference if they are
> so inclined.
Dwain, I agree that these kinds of documents are also common. From my 
personal experience, they are still a minority, but certainly, it 
depends ... ;-)

> by designing the document this way eliminates the footnote problem for
> scribus.

Not realy. I think, for the - let me call it "the Scribus view" - the 
important question is: where Scribus should put the *notes? In the same 
(chain) text frame, or in an own one? In both cases, it's up to the user 
where in his document he will put the frames.

> my $0.02




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