[Scribus] Thoughts on footnotes

avox avox
Sun May 13 16:53:49 CEST 2007

Ralf-Diether Ebel wrote:
> I think it can work. Imaginge a footnote-frame, which will be only 
> "active" if a footnote appears on the page where it is placed. "Active" 
> means it's like a picture-frame, where text flows around. If it's 
> filled, the text from the text-frame above will be automatically 
> shrinked,because of the (already implemented) "flow around" mechanism.
> If you then have the possibility to adopt the height of the textframe to 
> the contents (I think it was already another requested feature for 
> "normal" text-frames), together with a "Zero-Position" of the text-box 
> at the lower left corner, than it might be a solution - for footnotes.
> But just my little ideas.

That's similar to what I've been thinking about. Unfortunately the "already
implemented" flow around mechanism will not work in this case, since
the space for the footnotes depends on the number of footnotes on the page, 
and the number of footnotes which fit on a page depend on the space needed
for footnotes...

As a first step I want to implement manually positioned footnote frames
get linked to a text chain, and Scribus would place the footnotes into the
next footnote
frame on this or a following page. Some kind of overflow markers would tell
a footnote could not be placed on the current page (or even not at all).
If you only create one footnote frame at the end of the text, the footnotes
automatically turn into endnotes.


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