[Scribus] Thoughts on footnotes

dwain dwain.alford
Sat May 12 21:56:37 CEST 2007

Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> by designing the document this way eliminates the footnote problem for
>> scribus.
> Not realy. I think, for the - let me call it "the Scribus view" - the 
> important question is: where Scribus should put the *notes? In the same 
> (chain) text frame, or in an own one? In both cases, it's up to the user 
> where in his document he will put the frames.
i agree with you here.  the design of the document is up to the author. 
where the footnotes, end note page notes, what ever you want to call
them and where you want to put them is definitely up to the author.  i
guess i got confused with what you meant when you wrote about the
absolute and relative positioning aspect of placing the footnotes.

what exactly did you mean?  i thought that if you place a text frame or
image frame on the page that it was absolutely positioned.


Dwain Alford
"The artist may use any form which his expression demands;
for his inner impulse must find suitable expression."     Kandinsky

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