[Scribus] How works ctrl+return? Multiple Master-Pages?

mamem at gmx.net mamem
Mon May 7 00:08:48 CEST 2007


I have two more questions, so I will ask in one mail:

- While I insert a "saut de cadre" (ctrl+return), it will take a
certain "place".
When I insert before a normal "return" , it will put this return on
the next frame. Ans the following text continues one line after.
When I insert it after the normal "return", the following frame
beginns with the right line, without space, but at the end of the
frame before I need some space for the ctrl+return. When the text of
the frame before is too near the end of the frame, the ctrl+return
will be on the next page...
When I insert the ctrl+return right in the text, without return
normal, I have to have the same formatting at the end of the first and
the beginning of the second frame... but I would like to have a
different one...  :-S

So, is there any "hint" to finetune that function, or I have to

- Is there any possibility to use two or more masterpages at the same
time? I would like to use one masterpage for all the document, and 4 or 5
others with changes for the chapters. So mix them on the fly.
I have seen that there are Layers. Could they do this job? In fact, I
have one textframe with same content I would like insert on every
page, and change the content for every pdf created...
Has anybody some practical ideas concerning this?

Thanks for the help,

Martin Kempf

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