[Scribus] upgrade to 1.3.4cvs for debian AMD64 : outch !

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun May 6 17:00:11 CEST 2007

Aurelien wrote:
> Hi !
> I just work today on the new AMD 64 package for debian amd64 sid, which
> is 1.3.4cvs.
> Don't know if it comes from my way to create and manage a document, but
> it's quite dangerous to work on a former document with this new version.
> I mean, it works, but Texte Styles, Properties, etc. don't work at all
> like they do, and in consequence, opening a document, and modifying just
> one line, I've had to take it back from scratch !
> I currently try to figure out if it comes from me, or if there is a bug
> with (old) styles interpretation.
> Don't know if that's really clear, I mean, it's not really clear on my
> desktop neither!
There is a whole new font and style system in 1.3.4 -- I think it likely
means that you may have to tweak text frames to get the same look you
had in 1.3.3.x. At the same time you have much to gain in terms of new
features and control of text display.

Once you work on a document in 1.3.4 and save it, you will not be able
to load it into 1.3.3.x again, so you should work on a copy. Here at
LGM2 we had Peter and Andreas describing a lot about the new and changed
features. They are substantial enough that we'll have to have some wiki

As in past releases, it is recommended that for production work, it's
safest to stay with the current stable, now 1.3.3.x.


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