[Scribus] upgrade to 1.3.4cvs for debian AMD64 : outch !

Aurelien orl
Sun May 6 15:02:52 CEST 2007

Hi !

I just work today on the new AMD 64 package for debian amd64 sid, which
is 1.3.4cvs.

Don't know if it comes from my way to create and manage a document, but
it's quite dangerous to work on a former document with this new version.
I mean, it works, but Texte Styles, Properties, etc. don't work at all
like they do, and in consequence, opening a document, and modifying just
one line, I've had to take it back from scratch !

I currently try to figure out if it comes from me, or if there is a bug
with (old) styles interpretation.

Don't know if that's really clear, I mean, it's not really clear on my
desktop neither!

ORL (alias Yvette H.)

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