[Scribus] font artifacts on Scribus PDFs

jon info
Fri May 4 21:13:47 CEST 2007

> http://people.angulosolido.pt/~pessoa/print/brochura_institucional.pdf
> http://angulosolido.pt/brochuras/ag.pdf
> with Scribus which printed quite nicely.
> However there are visual artifacts when viewing them on Adobe  
> Reader affecting
> the character "l".
> Here is a screenshot of the problem:
> http://people.angulosolido.pt/~gustavo/scribus/probPDF/art-effects- 
> l.png
> The problem doesn't show up on the print preview inside Scribus nor  
> on real
> printing.
> The original file is here:
> http://people.angulosolido.pt/~gustavo/scribus/probPDF/ag.sla
> Notes:
> - Scribus allways outlines the font in question (Futura Lt Light) -  
> it can't
> be embbeded
> - Zooming to 2400% on Adobe Reader we see that the "l"s seem to be  
> outlined
> differently from other characters - it doesn't change with changing  
> the
> "smooth line art" on Adobe Reader.

Hi Gustavo the above mentioned PDF seems to be nearly(?) ok in  
Here's a screenshot:

viewer: Preview/OSX - clean vertical beams

viewer: AR8, OSX 10.4.9 - some but not many fattened verticals

viewer: Preview/OSX - clean vertical beams

May be a problem with AR or the AR Version?

The fatting of vertical beams is a well (guess) known problem with AR  
and some fonts, I never marked down witch fonts "I and l"s are fattened.
As far as I know and can remember it does not really matter if a font  
is converted to paths or not. Non-converted fonts show "better"  
results but not perfect ones.

BTW your Server is very very slow. It takes more than 5 minutes to dl  
the pdf, just to mention this :)

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