[Scribus] Using TeX typesetting in Scribus

J.Fine J.Fine
Wed May 2 18:22:19 CEST 2007


Thank you all for your interest.  Here are some comments.

In this situation there's not much difference, in my view, between a web
service and a callable function.  One of the simplest forms for a web
service is as a remote procedure call (RPC).  What is important about
MathTran, as Hermann Kraus has noticed, is that it is very quick.

At some future time, it should be possible to run MathTran locally, on
one's own PC.

Providing LaTeX syntax for MathTran is important, but not as easy as
plain TeX.  This is because MathTran has to avoid accidental or
malicious side-effects.

MathTran is written in Python, but it has two parts, a client and a
server, which communicate via a socket.  Both parts happen to be written
in Python, but there is no real reason why a C++ client (Scribus) should
not make requests to the MathTran server (Python).

I hope this answers the questions people have asked.

I'd certainly be pleased if Scribus were to develop and interface that
allowed it to use MathTran.

With best regards


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