[Scribus] Resizing a box makes it shrink to zero size

Johannes Schwall johannes.schwall
Thu May 3 17:18:45 CEST 2007


I newly installed Kubuntu 7.04 and wanted to do some work with the
enclosed version of Scribus ( Unfortunately, working is not
really possible, because an essential function is not working

Each time I try to resize an element (tested at least with the image
box and text box elements) by entering new values into the proper
fields in the properties window, the box shrinks to a size of 0 x 0.

I still can change the size by dragging the widgets with the mouse,
but as exact sizing is not really possible this way, I am not really
able to work productively with Scribus any more.

Now, I remember that I had this problem before and I think it only
occured in connection with a running Firefox back then. But this time,
it does not seem to matter whether any other program is running.

Any ideas?

Johannes Schwall, M?nster

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