[Scribus] TrueType font problem in PDF ?

John Beale beale
Wed May 2 04:12:28 CEST 2007

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
 > First, make sure that your font is actually a quality font, not a cheap 

I don't know where this font came from but since Scribus works fine with my 
other fonts, I assume it is a problem with the font, so a bug report is not 
welcome? Still, I am puzzled by how it can be that the font looks fine on 
screen when I compose the text in Scribus, but the exported PDF switches 
all the characters around.

Note: I was able to generate a correct PDF using this same font in MS 
Publisher (Print to Adobe PDF 'printer' device). For that PDF, Acrobat 7 in 
Document Properties/Fonts says:

EdwardianScriptITC (Embedded Subset)
Type: TrueType
Encoding: Ansi

...whereas with the Scribus-exported (and messed-up) PDF, Acrobat 7 
Document Properties/Fonts says:

EdwardianScriptITC (Embedded)
Type: TrueType
Encoding: Custom

Is something about "Ansi" vs "Custom" font encoding that is at issue? Is 
one or both of these programs re-encoding the font? I know nothing about 
font programming. I am just reporting this in case it helps anyone else.

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