[Scribus] Error during configure

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Mar 24 19:53:48 CET 2007

Pier Luigi Cinquantini wrote:
> Je Sabato 24 Marto 2007 15:08, Gregory Pittman skribis:
>> It's not finding your X11 header files for some reason. See if you have
>> a /usr/include/X11 directory. That's where they might be.
> Here is what is under /usr/include

Nope, no X11.

Are you _sure_ you've read the installation instructions in the BUILDING
file? They should tell you what you need to know to get Scribus
installed. If it doesn't, if you can tell me what you've already tried
that'll help me understand what might need improving in that documentation.

You haven't said much about what you've tried to do and what
instructions you've read, so I don't have all that much information to
go on beyond the fact that configure fails. On the other hand, you DID
mention a scribus version, your distro, the full configure command line,
and even the full error message, putting you miles ahead of most people
who post build questions.

However, re-reading the BUILDING file I did notice that I haven't
sufficiently stressed the need for -dev / -devel packages if you're
using distro packages to install the requirements. I make this extremely
clear in the distro specific sections of the BUILDING file, but because
the package names vary from distro to distro I can't do so the same way
in the general requirements, and I have no Mandradivia-specific section.


You MUST install the -dev or -devel packages for each of the libraries
listed as requirements in the BUILDING file. Failure to do so will cause
Scribus to fail to compile or will cause configure to fail. Mandradivia
uses the -devel suffix, so you must install libqt3-devel (and similar
packages for the other requirements). Your distro specific packaging
tool (such as `yum', `urpmi', `apt-get/apt-cache', etc should be able to
search for packges, or you can use rpmfind.net to discover their names).

Please feel free to ask for help if you can't find all the required
devel packages. When you do find them all I'd very much apprecate a list
of their names, since it'll save me the time of digging through
rpmfind.net to find them all to add a Mandradivia section to the

Any mandradivia users want to help this person out with a list of -devel
package names?

Craig Ringer

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