[Scribus] Error during configure

Pier Luigi Cinquantini plcinquantini
Sat Mar 24 19:16:08 CET 2007

Je Sabato 24 Marto 2007 15:08, Gregory Pittman skribis:
> It's not finding your X11 header files for some reason. See if you have
> a /usr/include/X11 directory. That's where they might be.

Here is what is under /usr/include

aio.h          _G_config.h            netax25/     stdio.h
aliases.h      gconv.h                netdb.h      stdlib.h
align.h        getopt.h               neteconet/   string.h
alloca.h       glob.h                 netinet/     strings.h
a.out.h        gnome-python-2.0/      netipx/      stropts.h
argp.h         gnu/                   netpacket/   sys/
argz.h         gnu-versions.h         netrom/      syscall.h
ar.h           grp.h                  netrose/     sysexits.h
arpa/          icc34.h                nfs/         syslog.h
asm/           iconv.h                nl_types.h   tar.h
asm-generic/   ieee754.h              nss.h        termio.h
assert.h       ifaddrs.h              obstack.h    termios.h
avoffset.h     inttypes.h             paths.h      tgmath.h
bits/          jconfig.h              poll.h       thread_db.h
byteswap.h     jerror.h               printf.h     tif_dir.h
c++/           jmorecfg.h             protocols/   tiffconf.h
complex.h      jpegint.h              pthread.h    tiff.h
cpio.h         jpeglib.h              pty.h        tiffio.h
crypt.h        langinfo.h             pwd.h        tiffio.hxx
ctype.h        lastlog.h              pycairo/     tiffiop.h
dirent.h       lcms.h                 pygtk-2.0/   tiffvers.h
dlfcn.h        libart-2.0/            re_comp.h    time.h
elf.h          libgen.h               regex.h      ttyent.h
endian.h       libintl.h              regexp.h     ucontext.h
envz.h         libio.h                resolv.h     ulimit.h
err.h          limits.h               rpc/         uninameslist.h
errno.h        link.h                 rpcsvc/      unistd.h
error.h        linux/                 sched.h      ustat.h
execinfo.h     locale.h               scsi/        utime.h
fcntl.h        malloc.h               search.h     utmp.h
features.h     math.h                 semaphore.h  utmpx.h
fenv.h         mcheck.h               setjmp.h     values.h
fmtmsg.h       memory.h               sgtty.h      wait.h
fnmatch.h      mntent.h               shadow.h     wchar.h
fpu_control.h  monetary.h             signal.h     wctype.h
freetype2/     mqueue.h               sound/       wordexp.h
fstab.h        multiarch-dispatch.h   spawn.h      xlocale.h
ft2build.h     multiarch-i386-linux/  stab.h       zconf.h
fts.h          net/                   stdint.h     zlib.h
ftw.h          netash/                stdio_ext.h

Pier Luigi

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