[Scribus] Q: Adding image with transparency

Axel Bojer axelb
Wed Mar 7 20:37:47 CET 2007

D. R. Evans skrev:
> william f. maddock said the following at 03/06/2007 04:48 AM :
>> If I understand what you are attempting, your problem is a
>> misunderstanding of the functionality of opacity. The opacity attribute
>> only applies WITHIN THE IMAGE in GIMP, being used to set the blending
>> characteristics of the layer having the semi-transparent opacity setting
>> with the layers that are beneath it within the GIMP image. Once the
>> image is saved to be used in another application, the opacity attribute
>> is no longer there. When the image was flattened, the layers blended,
>> upon saving to the PNG format, the opacity did its job at that point in
>> order to accomplish the proper blending of the layers to achieve the
>> final image that gets saved out of GIMP.
>> If you must blend the intended background with the image that you wish
>> to be 15% opaque, you will have to do so in GIMP, then import the result
>> of that into scribus.
> Oh! You mean that basically I have to build everything in GIMP? Oh dear.
> That will mean that all the image material will end up being on a single
> layer in Scribus, which will make the layout much more difficult than I was
> expecting, since I will have to lay out all the image material precisely in
> GIMP, which is much harder than doing it in Scribus.
> I thought I was trying to do something easy, but apparently not :-(

Concerning transparancy in Scribus, this is not working correct.
A work-around is to do it as you like it and when you are finished, 
export to png, import it in a new scribus-file and make the pdf. That 
way you can use Scribus to make it instead of gimp. If you keep both 
files it will not take all to much work to change it either.

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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