[Scribus] Silbentrennung/Hyphenation

Michael Engel mkengel
Thu Jun 28 05:55:20 CEST 2007

> Am Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2007 01:46 schrieb Michael Engel:
>> >> I tried to do hyphenation of a text (in German).
>> >> 1) It refused to do it automatically, instead I had to go through all
>> >> proposals until the end of the text. I thought it is possible ?
>> >
>> > It is. Go to File > Document Setup > Hyphenator and deselect the
>> > option "Hyphenation Suggestions".
>> It is deselected ! But it still asks me for nearly every word.
> Then you ran into a bug. What platform and what Scribus version?

Scribus 1.3.4 (I know it is not a stable version but I hope I can make my
magazine AND help advancing Scribus) on WinXP Pro Japanese

> for every word at the end of a line, independent of other settings.
That I didn't know. I thought it is looking for every word but didn't find
every one.

>> Sometimes it doesn't ask me words which later are not hyphenated either.
> Why should it?

Because of the assumption above.

>> Is it possible to overwrite some Scribus decisions after the hyphenation
>> ?
> Yes. Insert a smart hyphen via Insert > Character > Insert Smart Hyphen.

Smart hyphen is "bedingtes Trennzeichen, bedingter Trennstrich und weicher
Trennstrich" ? I didn't find none of them in the German version of

And the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-shift-minus (from the English scribus wiki)
doesn't work.


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