[Scribus] Silbentrennung/Hyphenation

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Thu Jun 28 02:08:44 CEST 2007

Am Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2007 01:46 schrieb Michael Engel:
> >> I tried to do hyphenation of a text (in German).
> >> 1) It refused to do it automatically, instead I had to go through all
> >> proposals until the end of the text. I thought it is possible ?
> >
> > It is. Go to File > Document Setup > Hyphenator and deselect the
> > option "Hyphenation Suggestions".
> It is deselected ! But it still asks me for nearly every word.

Then you ran into a bug. What platform and what Scribus version?

> Sometimes it asked me a word which it later doesn't hyphenates even if it
> should be.

The current implementation is a bit clumsy, and this is well-known. It asks 
for every word at the end of a line, independent of other settings. The other 
settings that prevent you or Scribus from hyphenating words it asks for, can 
be found in the hyphenation dialog as well. If you want each word to be 
hyphenated, set the value of "Consecutive Hyphenations Allowed" to 0. 

In general I also advise you to use the tooltips (hover your mouse over 
buttons, fields or spin boxes). Much of Scribus' documentation is built into 
the UI. By using the tooltips, many of your questions will be answered by 
Scribus directly.

> Sometimes it doesn't ask me words which later are not hyphenated either.

Why should it?

> Is it possible to overwrite some Scribus decisions after the hyphenation ?

Yes. Insert a smart hyphen via Insert > Character > Insert Smart Hyphen. You 
can also use a shortcut, but you better assign another shortcut than the 
default one, because this one doesn't work on every system.



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