[Scribus] Silbentrennung/Hyphenation

Michael Engel mkengel
Thu Jun 28 01:46:16 CEST 2007

>> I tried to do hyphenation of a text (in German).
>> 1) It refused to do it automatically, instead I had to go through all
>> proposals until the end of the text. I thought it is possible ?
> It is. Go to File > Document Setup > Hyphenator and deselect the
> option "Hyphenation Suggestions".

It is deselected ! But it still asks me for nearly every word.
Sometimes it asked me a word which it later doesn't hyphenates even if it
should be.
Sometimes it doesn't ask me words which later are not hyphenated either.

Is it possible to overwrite some Scribus decisions after the hyphenation ?

Thank you

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