[Scribus] text won't flow into template text frame

Carl carlsymons
Mon Jun 25 19:00:22 CEST 2007

Following the FreedomYug tutorial and 

"Flow Your Text
Right-click the first text frame, on page two. From the pop-up menu, 
choose 'Get Text...' and find your way to the Text folder in FYug. Select the 
khajuraho.txt file, and press 'Open'. You will see the text flow into two 
columns on this page."

The template lines are visible, but when I right-click inside the text frame, 
I don't get a menu with "Get Text". Instead the pop-up shows a checklist like 
the one at the bottom of the "view" menu:
   show margins
   show grid
   show images
   show frames
   show guides
   show baseline grid
   snap to grid

What am I doing wrong here?

   snap to guides

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