[Scribus] text won't flow into template text frame

William F. Maddock billsey
Mon Jun 25 19:13:13 CEST 2007

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>Subject: [Scribus] text won't flow into template text frame
>Following the FreedomYug tutorial and 
>"Flow Your Text
>Right-click the first text frame, on page two. From the pop-up menu, 
>choose 'Get Text...' and find your way to the Text folder in FYug. Select the 
>khajuraho.txt file, and press 'Open'. You will see the text flow into two 
>columns on this page."
>The template lines are visible, but when I right-click inside the text frame, 
>I don't get a menu with "Get Text". Instead the pop-up shows a checklist like 
>the one at the bottom of the "view" menu:
>   show margins
>   show grid
>   show images
>   show frames
>   show guides
>   show baseline grid
>   snap to grid
>What am I doing wrong here?

In my case, using 1.3.4 on MacOS X (10.3.9), I am trying (experimentally) to do a single-sheet, double-sided, tri-fold newsletter issue. Everything is in place except the actual text. The graphics, masthead, and headline are in place and print fine. I even have the frame links in place (and they are visible) but, while typing in the article, I discovered that I couldn't get the text to flow into the second frame. I also discovered that at times, the text I was typing into the first frame was also showing up in the fifth frame. I have no idea why these oddities are happening, but I thought that the developers would like to know about it. If needed, I can send the file involved.

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