[Scribus] How to delete a PDF bookmark?

Nicholas Hasser nick
Mon Jun 25 06:16:10 CEST 2007

I've been using Scribus for about a year now, mostly for publishing a 
monthly newsletter. Much thanks to all the developers for the work done 
on this project.

Karthikeyan A.K's question regarding nesting PDF bookmarks reminded me 
that using bookmarks was something I wanted to investigate. I've 
successfully created bookmarks for a number of articles in the current 
issue I'm working on, however, I cannot figure out how to delete a 
bookmark once it is set.

I've unchecked the PDF Options -> Is PDF Bookmark, however, the bookmark 
is still listed in the Bookmarks window and is still created when 
exporting the PDF. There doesn't seem to be a context menu within the 
Bookmarks window. Clicking on the bookmark in the Bookmarks window 
selects the actual item on the page, rather than selecting the bookmark 
within the Bookmarks window.

I'm using Scribus on WinXP.


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