[Scribus] Wordprocessor -> Scribus - but somewhat difficult

Michael Engel mkengel
Sun Jun 24 05:37:57 CEST 2007


I publish a newsletter which I made using OpenOffice.
A lot of difficulties occurred and I decided to switch to Scribus.
Despite it being a test version only, I decided to use the 1.3.4 version.

So far, the basics are understandable by trial and error but as soon
as it goes into some specifics, Scribus is quite difficult to learn
(certainly not for professionals but for amateurs).

I searched for "italic fonts" and just found that there are some
reasons not to have it included - but this is not understandable for
the non-professionals.

I looked and didn't find how to use different line spacings in a
single paragraph.
I also didn't find how to tell the text to keep 1 mm distance from an
image frame.

I am sure there a lots of small problems for the person using for the
first time Scribus instead of a word processor. A special chapter
tackling such problems would be certainly very helpful, including an
explanation of words like grid, guides, etc

Thank you very much. The first page which I made with scribus looks
much better and was easier to create than the pages I did with OOo.

Best regards

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