[Scribus] A point of view on the GUI : scale to frame size and adjust frame to image

william f. maddock billsey
Sat Jun 23 13:59:10 CEST 2007

On Jun 23, 2007, at 3:23 AM, Cedric Sagne wrote:

> All,
> It has been discussed in this list of the menu items "Properties:  
> image,
> scale to frame size" and the contextual menu "Adjust frame to image".
> It is rather common, I believe, to use the two one after the other in  
> order
> to:
> - define the rough dimensions of an image frame from layout constraints
> - get the image frame to gather the proportions of the image  
> conveniently
> Previous posts on this list suggesting that the menu items "Properties:
> image, scale to frame size" and the contextual menu "Adjust frame to  
> image"
> should be available jointly were discarded on the base that as one is
> related to image properties and the other to frame properties.
> I would like to point out that if the use I am describing is  
> widespread,
> such usability and convenience definately overrides a strict technical
> distinction on image properties and frame properties attributes.
> I would suggest that all people who feel this GUI minor tweak is worth  
> it
> open their mouth err their mail client "or be forever silent" so that  
> it may
> be considered in the light of how Scribus is used rather than how it is
> built.
> Obviously it is only through widespread use that GUI changes can be
> considered - lest I were changed into a troll.

It should be possible to accomplish this through a Python script,  
shouldn't it? Is so, then nothing would need to be done to the GUI at  
all, other than to add the resulting script to the Scripts/Scribus  
Scripts menu. The script would require that an image frame WITH AN  
IMAGE IN IT would already be selected when the script is run. The  
script would then perform "scale to frame size" and then perform  
"adjust frame to image" after which the user can fine tune the size and  
positioning for themselves. In the menu, the script could be called  
"Match Frame and Image", or whatever would be most descriptive to the  
users. I don't think you want to use the word "to" in the name of the  
script because you're not fitting "A" to "B" or "B" to "A", but "A" and  
"B" to each other. If you called it "Fit Frame and Image" people might  
want to know, "Fit them to what?"
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