[Scribus] Scribus observations

jon info
Sat Jun 2 13:28:46 CEST 2007

Am 01.06.2007 um 23:52 schrieb Charles Newbury:

> Anything else needed to be installed (Gutenprint, Ghostprint) I  
> install via
> Fink Commander. Working with Terminal is scary...like when I had to  
> install
> and configue MySQL and PHP...very simple to those who know what  
> their doing,
> but for me...well, it's kind of like asking a paramedic to perform  
> brain
> surgery 8-)

Hi Charles, you don't need to install python or ghostscript via fink.
Binaries for both are provided on the sourceforge site.
Advice for installing ghostscript is provided also and there is  
nothing special about it, really.
Just move a folder to another folder.

btw you don't need to control fink via terminal there is a gui  
application named Fink Commander availlable.

would you consider to put some notes about the common mac paths for  
gs an python on the Mac Scribus site?
Seems that some users need some help here.

One note/question on py 2.4. I already have py 2.5 (for blender) and  
2.3 (OS X) installed. Is there a special reason to use
only 2.4? I would be very happy if i can omit the installation of  
another python version.


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