[Scribus] Scribus observations

Charles Newbury newburcj
Fri Jun 1 23:52:46 CEST 2007

> It calls for Ghostscript and Python. Boy, did I have fun trying to set the
preferences for that!

So you didnt use the binaries from sourceforge?

I used the: ScribusAqua-134B.tar.bz2 which unzipped into the Scribus


What do you use for cataloging? Some external software or just OSX's sets?

I use Linotype FontExplorer X.app (arguably the best and cheapest OS X Font
manager out there) coupled with an Unsanity haxie, FontCard. This allows my
FontExplorer catalogs to pop up whenever I click on a Font menu within an
application. The font names are displayed in their actual font plus a super
category, Recently Used.

Anything else needed to be installed (Gutenprint, Ghostprint) I install via
Fink Commander. Working with Terminal is scary...like when I had to install
and configue MySQL and PHP...very simple to those who know what their doing,
but for me...well, it's kind of like asking a paramedic to perform brain
surgery 8-)
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