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avox avox
Fri Jun 1 22:58:40 CEST 2007

Charles Newbury wrote:
> I?ve been experimenting with Aqua Scribus 1.3.4 on my iMac G5 (OS X
> 10.4.9)
> with an eye to using it as a replacement for Freehand MX. Here?s couple of
> constructive (I hope) observations:
> If Scribus is to increase its user base it must be made to be installed
> and
> set up easier. It?s primary users are designers, not programmers and the
> last thing we need to do is to spend time mucking about via terminal. Now,
> I
> did get it installed via Fink Commander, but Scribus needs a stand alone
> Installer.
> It calls for Ghostscript and Python. Boy, did I have fun trying to set the
> preferences for that!

So you didnt use the binaries from sourceforge?

> I did, finally, but it took hours (literally) of hunting through
> System/Frameworks files with all the Python directories scattered about
> the
> disk, and then to discover that Gimpprint is now Gutenprint and I didn?t
> have a clue as to what either was or what they did. It really needs to be
> simplified (it?s installation and setup) for non-programmers.
> Finally, up and running, the observation that Scribus? performance seems
> awfully sluggish compared to other applications on my machine.
> Additionally, a WYSIWYG for font selection is needed so that at least the
> name of the font selected is in that font. I?ve a modest 500 or so fonts
> activated, cataloged into categories (Serif, Non-Serif, Script, etc.) that
> show in other apps like Word, Freehand and others. Fast font selection is
> needed.

What do you use for cataloging? Some external software or just OSX's sets?

> On the whole, I?m encouraged by the features I?ve seen, but could find NO
> help item on ?Resize?, by searching through the Help section.

Help isnt as detailed as you might expect. I guess 'resize' isnt documented
since it just works as in other programs (grab one of the handles and drag).

Thanks for your feedback. We are aware of most limitations and I personally
don't think Scribus/Aqua is ready for production use yet (too slow, UI
issues, drag'n'drop support, ...)
I hope with the move to Qt4 in Scribus 1.3.5 we can get it to a state on par
with other platforms.

> Since imported graphics seem to have a path, it would be good to allow the
> editing of these graphic via an additional graphics program (other than
> Python)...e.g. Fireworks. You know, select the graphic, click a button
> that
> launches that editor with that graphic. Save the edited graphic and the
> program switches back to Scribus with the updated graphic.

That's implemented if you configure it in Preferences->External Tools.
Eg. enter "open -a Fireworks " as your graphics editor.

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