[Scribus] How to print?

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Fri Jun 1 18:59:46 CEST 2007

>> Can anyone print a Scribus file directly to their attached printer from
>> Scribus using Scribus' printing mechanism

Actually (maybe oil on the fire there), I clearly remember doing this in Windows, (but then this issue may indeed be Linux specific), 
specifically on a file which was not big.
Apart from that it looks to me that given the amount of data processed when 
a PDF is created (and a ps file to a printer is just that), it is not 
suprising that things go wrong when trying to print directly.
IMHO (and I am not a big techie) it sounds like common sense to split the 
data sending to the printer in two in order to lower complexity
1 create ps file to pdf,
2 print the pdf

Now I personnally think Scribus is NOT a word processor and noone would 
expect, say POVRAY to do animation real time in order to play POVRAY-Doom.
In that respect I would even be okay if the print feature was removed 
altogether (considered non-core to the code, in the sense that Scribus is 
here to design, not to print)...
I'll try this sort of IT gymnastics on Adobe InDesign... not sure it fares 
any better.


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