[Scribus] How to print?

BandiPat magicpage91
Fri Jun 1 15:11:10 CEST 2007

avox wrote:
> This is *not* a Scribus bug. You should complain to your distro / CUPS /
> GutenPrint
> to get this fixed. GhostScript has no problem at all to produce an RGB
> bitmap instead
> of a CMYK one if instructed so. Your print system just messes up (and not
> making the
> fatal Gutenprint message visible to the end user is a bug in itself in my
> opinion)
> /Andreas

Ok, Andreas, if we are going to start assigning blame, let's put this 
question out there.

Can anyone print a Scribus file directly to their attached printer from 
Scribus using Scribus' printing mechanism and Linux using CUPS & 
Gutenprint drivers?

Since I believe the answer is going to be "no" from everyone, what do 
you assign the blame to at that point?  If it were not somehow 
associated with Scribus, wouldn't we have problems with every other 
application that prints in Linux?  Or at least one other application?


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