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davecs wrote:
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>> BandiPat-2 wrote:
>> >
>> > Ok, then why doesn't the same thing happen when using kprinter dialog
>> to
>> > print?  It's still using CUPS & Gutenprint to output it's files?  If it
>> > were CUPS & Gutenprint having trouble, wouldn't that also apply with
>> > whatever program controlled the printout?  Or is that that Scribus is
>> > feeding it some miscommunication?  I guess maybe I'm not understanding
>> > something correctly.
>> >
>> Good point. I have no idea what kprinter does internally, but Scribus
>> just
>> calls "lpr -P printername tmp.ps".
>> Another possibility is that lpr isnt installed on your system. What' the
>> output of "which lpr"?
>> /Andreas
>> --
> On my setup, it doesn't print via kprinter either. HPLIP confirms the job
> has been "done". I have to export to PDF and print from there. I had to
> change the default settings which create an extra margin on PDF outputs.
> Then I have to ensure that the PDF program doesn't add any of its own. I
> use
> Scribus to get precisely-sized layouts for framing photos (amongst other
> things).
> Obviously the "colourspace" issue is resolved by putting in the extra
> stage.
> Whilst Scribus has all the powerful stuff for separations etc., it mustn't
> leave those behind whose use is far more "domestic".

This is *not* a Scribus bug. You should complain to your distro / CUPS /
to get this fixed. GhostScript has no problem at all to produce an RGB
bitmap instead
of a CMYK one if instructed so. Your print system just messes up (and not
making the
fatal Gutenprint message visible to the end user is a bug in itself in my

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