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> BandiPat-2 wrote:
> >
> > Ok, then why doesn't the same thing happen when using kprinter dialog to
> > print?  It's still using CUPS & Gutenprint to output it's files?  If it
> > were CUPS & Gutenprint having trouble, wouldn't that also apply with
> > whatever program controlled the printout?  Or is that that Scribus is
> > feeding it some miscommunication?  I guess maybe I'm not understanding
> > something correctly.
> >
> Good point. I have no idea what kprinter does internally, but Scribus just
> calls "lpr -P printername tmp.ps".
> Another possibility is that lpr isnt installed on your system. What' the
> output of "which lpr"?
> /Andreas
> --

On my setup, it doesn't print via kprinter either. HPLIP confirms the job
has been "done". I have to export to PDF and print from there. I had to
change the default settings which create an extra margin on PDF outputs.
Then I have to ensure that the PDF program doesn't add any of its own. I use
Scribus to get precisely-sized layouts for framing photos (amongst other

Obviously the "colourspace" issue is resolved by putting in the extra stage.
Whilst Scribus has all the powerful stuff for separations etc., it mustn't
leave those behind whose use is far more "domestic".

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