[Scribus] cmake makes X11 compulsory?

Martin Costabel costabel
Fri Jun 1 08:10:12 CEST 2007

Since changing to the cmake build system, the aqua version of scribus 
requires that X11 is installed, which somehow defeats the purpuse of 
this "native" Mac version.

The reason is that whereas the configure based build system had a 
conditional build of the pixbuf directory, with cmake this now seems to 
be compulsory: In configure.in, there were the lines

dnl Compile and link the gdk-pixbuf sources unless building
dnl a Mac-native build.
AM_CONDITIONAL(LINK_PIXBUF, test "$enable_mac" != "yes" )

But in scribus/CMakeLists.txt, there are the unconditional lines

SET(SCRIBUS_PIXBUF_LIB "scribus_pixbuf_lib")



Is there a switch I overlooked that allows to disable this, so that 
scribus can again be built without X11, or is this a bug?


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