[Scribus] Font Help Please

John R. Culleton john
Thu Jul 12 21:02:24 CEST 2007

On Thursday 12 July 2007 12:35, HARENDAL .h wrote:
> >From: John Jason Jordan
> >
> >They also do not appear in any other application, so evidently
> >something more basic is wrong. What is the secret to getting fonts
> > to work?
Using my new Scribus 133x svn version I have come upon another set of 

Situation one: I add text via the story editor. All my usual fonts are 

Situation two: I insert text from an odt file. Some fonts are not 
available so Scribus asks me on each one what I should substitute. 
The good news---it gives me a complete selection of fonts. The bad 
news, if I select anything other than from a small subset it just 
goes through the motions but ignores what I picked. 

Situation three: I am creating a style. It doesn't even pretend to 
give me a full selection to choose from. I only get the subset. 

Now what is the small subset? Basically it is the fonts in 
These are mostly Truetype. And none of them are italic. 

Now on Linux there is a thingie called fc-cache that is supposed to be 
the index of all fonts used by applications. Take Bitstream Charter 
Italic for example: I can reach it through the Scribus storybook. I 
can reach it with Inkscape. I can reach it with Gimp. I can reach it 
with Krita.  Why not with a Scribus style? And what is with the odt 
import shenanigans?

John Culleton

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