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John Jason Jordan johnxj
Thu Jul 12 21:33:02 CEST 2007

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007 16:35:17 +0000
"HARENDAL .h" <harendalh at hotmail.com> dijo:

> >From: John Jason Jordan
> >They also do not appear in any other application, so evidently
> >something more basic is wrong.

> ** ADF fonts was tested with windows (2000, XP, vista soon), Mac
> (exept PS), before there publication and for scribus priority.
> Fonts was tested in  linux (mandrake 8, if my mind is good), long time
> ago and need to be convert with tools like drakfont or gfontsel, I believe.
> Tests made in this manner, dont satisfact me about the quality
> of the result. I don't know if they work fine now with news versions...
> (send me a mail)
> So I espected correct this "bug", by producing a specific postscript
> format for linux (NXT) in order to preserve the original aspect of fonts.
> I don't know if that work at all... If you want to test, I can especialy
> make a file to download (but not now) and see if work with Scribus under
> linux OS (and with your others applications too).
> Note that is not a TTF convert, but postscript format.
> But you have also receive answer to getting fonts to work for fiesty.
> Installing font for linux... Good article for Wiki and can help a lot
> of people (:-?

Yes, I have copied the instructions into "cheatsheet," a text file that
I maintain where I save tricks and methods, snips of code, and other
stuff that I don't need often, so by the time I need it again I will
have forgotten how to do it. The strange thing is that I had followed
the official method but it didn't work. Then a couple days later they
finally appeared in applications. I don't think it's a bug in the
fonts; rather, it's a bug in the Linux kernel, or in the way
applications work with the font server.

As for the ADF fonts, the reason I was trying them is because I am in
search of new fonts that have IPA character sets. I am a graduate
student of linguistics and we need the full IPA character set. 


I have such a font (Junicode) that I personally am very happy with, but
one of my professors needs to replace an old non-Unicode compliant font
that he has been using for a long time (IPAKiel). He is willing to
learn how to use Unicode character insertion instead of the old
template system that IPAKiel uses, but he does not care for Junicode.
We both have moral issues with Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL),
so we would prefer not to use any of their fonts. Other than Junicode
and the SIL fonts, there is not much to choose from. I'd be thrilled if
I could offer him another choice. There are also a lot of older
linguistics professors who haven't figured out Unicode. 

At my university there are about 20 professors of linguistics and I
don't think any of them know how to get IPA characters to appear in
their browsers or in e-mail. One of my goals is to figure out a
complete instruction sheet for professors and students to use IPA
characters properly in writing, web browsers, and e-mail, for all
platforms and all common word processors, internet browsers, and e-mail
clients. Fundamental to this process is finding one or two fonts that
have the complete IPA character set, are free, and come without
political and moral issues.

Fonts are suitable for discussion on this list, but now I've wandered
into linguistics, which goes significantly off topic. Therefore, I will
shut up now.  Thanks for your efforts on the ADF fonts. :)

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