[Scribus] Font Help Please

HARENDAL .h harendalh
Thu Jul 12 18:35:17 CEST 2007

>From: John Jason Jordan

>They also do not appear in any other application, so evidently
>something more basic is wrong. What is the secret to getting fonts to

** ADF fonts was tested with windows (2000, XP, vista soon), Mac
(exept PS), before there publication and for scribus priority.
Fonts was tested in  linux (mandrake 8, if my mind is good), long time
ago and need to be convert with tools like drakfont or gfontsel, I believe.
Tests made in this manner, dont satisfact me about the quality
of the result. I don't know if they work fine now with news versions...
(send me a mail)
So I espected correct this "bug", by producing a specific postscript
format for linux (NXT) in order to preserve the original aspect of fonts.
I don't know if that work at all... If you want to test, I can especialy
make a file to download (but not now) and see if work with Scribus under
linux OS (and with your others applications too).
Note that is not a TTF convert, but postscript format.

But you have also receive answer to getting fonts to work for fiesty.
Installing font for linux... Good article for Wiki and can help a lot
of people (:-?


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