[Scribus] Order of layers and objects using master pages not consistant?

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Thu Jul 12 16:49:48 CEST 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Julian Robbins wrote:
>> Hi
>> We have an odd problem, I havent seen before. We have a master page with 
>> a Header. But items on the normal page always appear above (ie in terms 
>> of layers or selections) any of the objects in the master page; but we 
>> want the objects on the master page to appear in front of (eg on top of) 
>> any objects on any other layers on the normal page.
> I'm pretty sure the items on the Master Page are the background of 
> whatever you're doing, so the workaround is going to be to use the 
> Master Page for the things that are in the background, then pull out 
> your Header and copy it to all pages as a separate frame -- if you do a 
> copy (Ctrl+C), then paste (Ctrl+V) to another page it will be placed 
> with identical x,y coordinates.
> Greg
Thanks Greg

I think you're right. I might add a request to the bug tracker that 
master pages can allow showing objects above , say as an option, as I 
think it would be handy. In our case, we have lots of pictures with 
different transparencies, near to the logo that makes up the header on 
the master page. But these transparent objects are obscuring the logo 
which as to be underneath if we use master pages.


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