[Scribus] How to use make and not cmake-SOLVED.

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jul 12 14:26:32 CEST 2007

John R. Culleton wrote:
> I have two versions of cmake on my system and they error off in 
> different, but interesting, ways.  I may try to debug cmake someday 
> and figure out its parameters  but right now I just want something 
> that works out of the box. 
In the long run, I think it's worthwhile to figure out the cmake 
problem. Perhaps submitting the error messages to the list would help -- 
it won't hurt anything to run cmake after you've compiled.
Also, if you check the wiki, you can see that one of the advantages of 
cmake is that you can use commands to create a build directory separate 
from the one you've downloaded to from svn. This has the advantage of 
leaving the download directory clean and not contaminated by previous 
builds. There is of course the 'make clean' command, but sometimes even 
with that you would still have to start a new download directory.


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