[Scribus] end-to-end publishing solution??

neil lewis neil
Tue Jan 30 13:40:44 CET 2007

Hello Matt,

That sounds like something that might interest me.

I'm a professional photographer of almost thirty years experience. I've 
been using Linux since the late 1990's and Scribus since quite early on. 
I also use GIMP and Inkscape extensively. Obviously, I have always been 
quite heavily involved in product photography and in recent years I have 
illustrated and laid out quite a few catalogues and other small 
publications using Scribus. I've also been developing an increasing 
number of   business web sites with PHP/MySQL/Apache, mainly using 
Quanta+. This side of my business has been the one area that I've seen 
as worth putting more time and effort into as many traditional areas 
have gradually become unviable.

Your concept of an end-to-end worflow for catalogues and the web seems 
like a pretty good fit with the direction I'm presently headed, so you 
can certainly count on my interest and support in any way I can give. 
I'm pretty famioliar with the use of Scribus and OOo, and could probably 
help with developing CMS/Wiki type web apps. Given Scribus (and now 
GIMP's) support of Python scripting, I guess it might be a good time to 
take a walk down that road to see what might be done in the way of 
auto-generating output with scripting.

Using "content" across widely differing media has always been 
problematic. Of course it's always been possible, but the results are 
never optimal in any medium but the initial one. It would be interesting 
to look at trying to solve some of the problems of optimising output 
originally intended for print when web publishing with minimal user 


Neil Lewis, Gibsons Photography, London UK

Matt Donnelly wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to the list and new to Scribus. I work for a wholesale pet 
> supply company that publishes print catalogs in addition to several 
> websites. We have no workflow, no content management system, no wikis, 
> and the editors use Word while the designers use InDesign. We're a 
> growing company that struggles to communicate well with each other as 
> well as with our customers.
> I'd think it would be terrific to find some way to glue together 
> Scribus, OpenOffice, Gimp, a CMS app, a wiki, etc. to create an 
> end-to-end publishing solution that takes companies through the entire 
> catalog creation lifecycle and gets new info on/from the websites fast. 
> Fold in Web 2.0, and it's a goal.
> The closest we've come is the idea of using InCopy for editorial and 
> InDesign for layout. This would at least get editors and designers on 
> the same (virtual) page. But it doesn't solve the problem of effectively 
> sharing information, workflow, modular content that can be reused across 
> catalogs/websites, etc. Microsoft is trying to do some of this with 
> SharePoint/Office integration...
> But has anyone used just open source software to accomplish athis 
> somewhat grander goal of getting all stakeholders in a website/catalog 
> launch working together more effectively? We need to work smarter, not 
> harder.
> I'm thinking of a meta-project involving more than just the Scribus 
> community.
> What do you guys think?
> Thanks for the help,
> Matt from Boston
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