[Scribus] can I use scribus to layout my webpages and it creates the css for me???

James Gilmore james.d.gilmore
Sun Jan 28 05:35:45 CET 2007

> I want to design webpages can I lay them out in scribus then have it
> create the CSS for me ??? THis proably would be good to add to the
> wiki faq
> josh

I can see the appeal of it, of course, but scribus isn't designed to do
web layouts. NVU or Dreamweaver will give you what you want, with a
minimal learning curve. Certainly less than Scribus.

Web layout and print layout really aren't similar, beyond the fact that
you use your eyes to read both. For starters, there's the font issue.
Practically no one will have the same font set you have. CSS can't fix
that. On top of that, even if they do have the font, they aren't
restricted to using the fonts you want them to use, or at the size you
desire. That means you can pretty much toss out Scribus for designing
text blocks for the web.

On top of that, text blocks can have any shape in Scribus. The web
doesn't allow for that. At least, not easily.

Because a certain browser continually fail to meet the standards, yet
still hold most of the market share, the web cannot grow past it's
limitations. It's most profound limitation, the inability to describe
objects by both location *and* shape, utterly baffles me, but there it
is. The arcane-ness of web design is here to stay, as long as there is
an Internet Explorer.

Scribus is not the right tool for the job of web design simply because
scribus' output is WAY more advanced than a web browser can display. It
would be casting pearls before swine. It would be like using your finest
chinaware dishes for dinner around the campfire.

That's my two cents. Sorry if it's preachy. I just really feel that
scribus and web design shouldn't ever meet.

James Gilmore
GnuPG Key ID: 0x54D1D809

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