[Scribus] Scribus for Mac OS X

jon info
Sun Jan 28 01:40:31 CET 2007

Hi Michael,

I think it could help us and you a lot to figure out what the problem 
is if you stay with one procedure after another.
Installing Fink and scribus with Fink is only one way (btw the sw 
folder must exactly stay where put).
If you want to install additional software with Fink you might need 
Fink Commander (the GUI for Fink), too.

If it seems that there is a font related problem, this should be 
cleared out first, before you try different approaches.

I really recommend to disable all privately installed fonts by 
temporarely removing them from the previously mentioned directories.
After that: startup X11(or a prog that makes use of it) to let it 
rewrite its font cache.
For this time you might leave fonts installed in the X11 directory 

Please use only scribus and please remove the scribus 
frameworks from their locations (just to make sure there is no 
"forgotten" link in this
scribus version - you should leave your ghostscript framework untouched)

This as a first try ... this way.

Scribus shouldn't need more than a few seconds to scan folders with no 
more than about 100 fonts.
Be carfeful not to clean out fonts wich are used by the system, again.

Ah, yes you are right. If you encounter any continous problems with any 
app a proper procedure is always to disable haxies or extensions or 
startup items and see if the problem still exists.

And please try to delete the folder .scribus first (I encounter hangs 
wich are gone after I let scribus regenerate it's prefs) this might be 
a false approach but it's worth a try (if the folder exists).

 >Show all items as list. type:
ls -al
 >you get a list of your files in your User directory (see .scribus?)
 >if yes, rename invisble (dot)scribus to the visible scribus: type
mv .scribus scribus
 >open your User dir in the finder
 >see the folder scribus?
 >delete it

My compliments for you, working so hard to get scribus running.


> Martin,
> ?? ?I just had to "force-quit" Scribus Aqua after 45 minutes. I 
> disabled ALL the haxies and it still "hung" at Font Cache. I just 
> don't get it. I checked the font paths. I have no irregular paths. I 
> have Extensis's font Fusion, but's that's been disabled forever. The 
> next thing I'm willing to try is to disable all my login items.
> Michael Crisci
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> On Jan 27, 2007, at 3:55 PM, Martin Costabel wrote:
>> Michael Crisci wrote:
>> []
>>> ? I also have Font Card and Unsanity haxies running. Should those be
>>> disabled?
>> It shouldn't be too hard to find out whether disabling them helps with
>> your Scribus problem. If it does, it would be interesting to know 
>> which
>> one of the haxies causes the problem. It might hint at a hidden bug in
>> Scribus (or in the haxie).
>> -- 
>> Martin
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