[Scribus] Separate linked text frames

Axel Bojer axelb
Thu Jan 18 18:41:17 CET 2007

Louis Desjardins skrev:
> Axel Bojer a ?crit :
>> Is there an easy way of separating text joined in linked text frames? 
>> The only way I have found is to copy from the story editor and then 
>> paste it in a new frame. But this takes time, especially since my 
>> document is big :-/
>> Just copying a frame copies this frame and the text in that frame. 
>> marking multiple frames and copying also copies those frames with their 
>> content. This is nice, but only solves part of the problem, because I 
>> then have to delete the original content to prevent it from occuring twice.
>> Just removing a fram moves the content to the next frame.
> Hi Axel,
> This is the expected behaviour when removing a frame from a linked chain.

Maybe, but it would be nice to have it different, see my wishreport:
0005191: Make it possible to split and join frame with their content

>> Is it possible to separate one or more frames from the linking chain 
>> *with* their content some other way?
> You might find convenient to re-import your text in the new layout (thus 
> either saving it first from the SE into a seperate text file and then 
> use a WP to split your text 

Well, that is not an option because I would have to set the style on all 
the text again, and that took ages (literally days) the first time I did 
it because I have 150 pages :-/

> or by going back to your preferred WP where 
> the original text came from and split the text at this level, instead of 
> manipulating it in Scribus).

Again, it took too long applying the styles, so this would be very time 
consuming. If just the OOo importer would have been perfect then I would 
not have to fiddle with them, but ...
If I would have to do it again I probably would have splitted the 
original document in parts and imported each article separately.

> What I understand is you want to split into smaller entities a somewhat 
> long text. There is no easier way that I know to achieve this.

Sad, but true :-(
I will have to try to do in anyway. Thanks for the suggestions :-)

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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