[Scribus] License of scripts

avox avox
Thu Jan 18 18:36:04 CET 2007

Dave-68 wrote:
> It all revolves around this, I think:
>> > scripts and extensions which directly call the Scribus core and gui.
> A generic python script that the interpreter inside python can process
> is not a derived work, but something that calls Scribus core/gui is.


> If they are a derived work, which I think they are but IANAL, then
> they are automatically subject to the GPL, even if they are not
> distributed with Scribus.

No, this is a common misconception.

Putting your derived work under GPL is the only way to keep
to the terms of the GPL of the original work, but if you don't,
your derived work does not fall automatically under the GPL.
This always needs an explicit act of the copyright holder
(in this case, you)

Since you violate the GPL of the original work, you loose all
rights to use or distribute the original work (and maybe the
derived work, if copyright law allows, see below), but it does 
not give others the right to use your derived work under the 
terms of the GPL.

Now, if you distribute those scripts, the author of the original
work would have to prove that parts of his work are present
in the scripts and that this part is large is enough to be
considered a copyright infringement. IMO that's difficult at

If instead you distribute the original work together with the
derived work, the author of the original work could argue
that you violate the GPL and force you to stop distributing
the original work, even if the derived work is not considered
a copyright infringement in itself. 

Or, consider a hypothetical NSIPL - "no strawberry-icecream
programming licence" which allows distributing the program
only if it is not bundled with strawberry icecream. So if you
want to distribute this program, you have to stick to the licence
(otherwise you are violating copright law) and refrain from
bundling it with strawberry icecream. But of course you can
sell strawberry icecream on its own (unless someone proves
you stole it from them :-) )

But, IANAL, and we still have to work out what we as a 
Scribus team really want.

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