[Scribus] License of scripts

Henning Schröder post
Thu Jan 18 18:07:13 CET 2007

2007/1/18, avox <avox at arcor.de>:
> Thomas R. Koll wrote:
> >> Hi!
> >> As far as I understand Scribus is licensed under the GPL.  With the
> >> Python plugin I can write scripts and extensions which directly call
> >> the Scribus core and gui. Do these files automatically fall under the
> >> GPL or can I choose another license?
> >> Perhaps some clarification is needed.
> > Absolutely not. The author of the script has all rights of his
> > script and this cannot be changed by any relating software
> > and its license.
> True. You just loose all rights to use Scribus if you distribute those
> scripts
> under a non-GPL licence... ;-)
Other projects seem to handle this differently. See
http://www.blender.org/cms/GPL_for_artists.495.0.html#2129 for an
example. But I cannot fully follow their arguments...

> Seriously, I don't know what the exact position of the Scribus team
> is on this point. Maybe we should clarify that in the future.
> For myself I wouldn't like it if someone distributed Scribus together with
> non OSS scripts, but I can (probably have to) live with someone distributing
> the scripts independently of Scribus.
> Let's see what the others think.
Non GPL != Non OSS. There is alos Creative Commons, BSD, public domain, ...

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