[Scribus] License of scripts

Dave Crossland dave
Thu Jan 18 18:05:20 CET 2007

On 18/01/07, avox <avox at arcor.de> wrote:
> True. You just loose all rights to use Scribus if you distribute those
> scripts under a non-GPL licence... ;-)
> Seriously, I don't know what the exact position of the Scribus team
> is on this point. Maybe we should clarify that in the future.

I hope it can be clarified as soon as possible :-)

> For myself I wouldn't like it if someone distributed Scribus together with
> non OSS scripts, but I can (probably have to) live with someone distributing
> the scripts independently of Scribus.
> Let's see what the others think.

It all revolves around this, I think:

> > scripts and extensions which directly call the Scribus core and gui.

A generic python script that the interpreter inside python can process
is not a derived work, but something that calls Scribus core/gui is.

If they are a derived work, which I think they are but IANAL, then
they are automatically subject to the GPL, even if they are not
distributed with Scribus.

I think the GPL FAQs questions about free plugins for non-free
software are kind of relevant, because scripts are very similar to
plugins, they are just interpreted instead of compiled.



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